Project Details

Client                      Mr. & Mrs. Joseph
Project TypePrivate Residence
Location Eagleton golf resort, Bangalore
Site Area3035 sq.ft
Built Up Area3800 sq.ft
Year of Completion2020

“An Earthy Affair” is a rustic retirement home nestled within the Eagleton Golf Resort near Bangalore. Situated on a serene corner of the campus, the house, belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Cheeran Joseph, seamlessly blends with its environment. Facing north towards an iconic Bauhinia Purpurea tree, the residence is designed to coexist harmoniously with nature. The house’s deep overhangs and open spaces create a sense of connection to the tree, making it an integral part of the dwelling. Skylights and strategic window placements bring in northern light and create captivating interplays of light and shadow, echoing the tree’s shifting presence throughout the day.

Externally, the house showcases a layered mix of materials, from white plastered walls to teal pergolas, exposed brick, and glass, offering a visually engaging and earthy aesthetic. The central axis of the house is oriented along the tree, creating a flowing internal space that transitions from common areas to intimate spaces. Rust-colored brick accents tie the design together, complemented by vibrant textures and colors illuminated by abundant natural light. Bedrooms are seamlessly connected to the main living space, featuring clerestory windows and balconies that extend into the open surroundings, fostering a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors. The site’s low boundary walls further enhance the feeling of connectedness, with wire mesh and gabion walls contributing to an expansive appearance. “An Earthy Affair” is a testament to its surroundings, marrying natural simplicity with creative modernity.