Project Details

Project nameCUBE SQUARE
Project locationBengaluru
Design TeamSwapnil Valvatkar and Baalakrishnan
ClientMr. & Mrs. Prasanna
Gross Built Area2800 Sft
Completion Year2016
Photo creditsCollage Architecture Studio

“Cube Square” is a transformative urban dwelling immersed in nature. Situated at a T-junction in a prime residential area, it frames a captivating view of an adjacent agricultural institute. The design seamlessly merges the built environment with the natural landscape, ensuring a timeless blend as the trees mature. This harmonious response to the context retains existing trees and incorporates green spaces throughout the house. A central courtyard serves as a transition from public to private areas, enhanced by the allure of black granite and Frangipani flowers.

‘The floating cube’, an architectural ingenuity continues with a floating balcony above the entrance, providing a column-free parking area and a potential gathering space. Interconnected spaces optimize visual connections and maintain privacy through level differences instead of walls. Louvered shutters enable privacy or an open flow between spaces, extending the visual connection through a slit of glass. The design also embraces the poetics of light, using a skylight adorned with colorful leaves to create ever-changing artistic patterns on the walls. A minimalist material palette, including marble, exposed concrete, wood, and white walls, ties the design together while a painted blue cube with punctures adds a touch of color.