Project Details


“PRE-SCHOOL”- A sacred space where a child is first introduced to the practical world, yet not being unbuttoned from their angelic imaginations. As designers it was a challenge to create an exceptional preschool-a sanctuary dedicated to nurturing the vivid imaginations of children. Our client’s unique directive was crystal clear: shift the focus from adult needs and desires to those of the young explorers who would inhabit this enchanting space. The result is a departure from traditional classroom concepts, offering instead a landscape of adaptable, immersive environments where learning takes on the guise of a captivating game. We placed great emphasis on ensuring safety, transparency, and an environment that fosters the artistry of education.

Within these inspiring walls, a vibrant tapestry of colors, materials, and textures comes to life. Much like a blank canvas awaiting the strokes of a master artist, Toy Story is adorned with primary colors, evoking a sensory journey that resonates with the very essence of childhood wonder. These spaces are designed to make exploration second nature, experimentation a cherished pastime, and creative learning an enchanting voyage. The structure itself, inspired by the philosophy of John Locke, begins as an empty slate, ready to be painted with the stories of young minds. As daylight filters through skylights and interactive corridors, it casts enchanting shadows, breathing life into every corner.

The space reverberates with the spirit of individuality, inviting each child to stand out and shine in a world that often seeks conformity. Channapatna toys grace the railings, invoking nostalgia and playfulness, while primary-colored louvers add vibrancy to the facade. Pivoted doors, both transparent and private, open the threshold to knowledge, and foldable teacher’s tables optimize space and safety.

Sunlight streams through the artistic skylight adorned with colorful acrylic slats, reflecting the undulating patterns of waves and infusing the splash pool with a captivating interplay of light and color. Toy Story embodies a harmonious blend of artistry and the boundless potential of childhood learning, where the boundaries between play and study blur, and the canvas of imagination knows no bounds.